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Ellon Pedal Car Championship 2010: Proudly Sponsored by Grampian Fasteners

On the 5th of September 2010 the inaugural Ellon Pedal Car Championship. kicked off, with the support of co-sponsors Grampian Fasteners and motoGF.

After weeks/months of preparations, teams finally had the chance to reveal their pedal-powered, dream machines and face the public and the competition. The event was opened by a local piper and as the crowds gathered the atmosphere intensified. Following 2 fast and exciting cycle races, 30 minutes of cartie madness ensued.

Off the race course, there was plenty going on to keep the crowd entertained - barbeque, bouncy castles, face painting, arts & crafts, local trade/market stalls, and more.

The event proved very popular and with many people already plotting and planning their entries for next year, organiser, Simon Hailey hinted at making this an annual event - he has the full support of sponsors Grampian Fasteners and motoGF. Ellon Pedal Car Championship 2011, here we come!





Race Day with ''Team GF Racing''

Grampian Fasteners entered a team (Team GF Racing) into the race. The team put up a valiant fight but it was the team from Ythan Cycle Club who eventually on the day. These are some of the moments from race day:

Raceday - Image 1

Raceday - Image 2

Raceday - Image 3


Raceday - Image 4

Raceday - Image 5

Raceday - Image 6


Raceday - Image 7

Raceday - Image 8

Raceday - Image 9


Raceday - Image 10

Raceday - Image 11

Raceday - Image 12


Raceday - Image 13

Raceday - Image 14

Raceday - Image 15


Raceday - Image 16

Raceday - Image 17

Raceday - Image 18

* For more pictures please visit the Ellon Pedal Car Championship website gallery.

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Pedal Car Testing

Some of the drivers gathered at Ellon Park ''n'' Ride for a testing session ahead of Race Day:

Pedal Car Testing - Image 1

Pedal Car Testing - Image 2

Pedal Car Testing - Image 3


Pedal Car Testing - Image 4

Pedal Car Testing - Image 5

Pedal Car Testing - Image 6


Pedal Car Testing - Image 7

Pedal Car Testing - Image 8

Pedal Car Testing - Image 9

* For more pictures please visit the Ellon Pedal Car Championship website gallery.


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See you next year!


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